Understanding Stables

The Advantages of Mobile Field Shelters A field shelter by definition is a standalone structure used mainly by animals when they’re out there in the field. The two main functions of this kind of shelter is to provide protection for the animals against the weather and extreme conditions outside and to have a decent place to sleep and eat. Although it is quite similar in its looks and function to that of a barn or horse stable, there actually are some notable differences. For the most part, field shelters are usually divided into two different design trends – the static field shelter and the mobile field shelter. The traditional and older version is the static field shelter, and based on its name, it stays in the same place or area for all its existence. Therefore, this wouldn’t be your best bet if you’re looking for something that’ll give you options for field rotation. The better option these days is the mobile field shelter. With the help of technology and building innovations, everyone can now have access to the convenience brought by mobile field shelters.
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1 – With a mobile field shelter, there’s no longer a need for planning permission.
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One of the most annoying things about building traditional field shelters is the planning permission, which horse owners are definitely not fond of. In the idea of planning permission, it says that if the field shelter is to be built with ground works carried out and if there is no single feature that will enable it to be moved to another place, it means a permit must be secured first before the building commences. So the easiest way to go around that planning permission, which by the way takes a lot of time to furnish, is to choose a mobile field shelter instead. 2 – A mobile field shelter is obviously more flexible in many ways. Aside from the legal benefit that a mobile field shelter has over a static version, it also is more flexible. Considering that it literally is wearing skids, it means you can move it from one area to another without having to spend a lot of effort. Nothing is more convenient than a mobile field shelter because whenever the weather becomes unfavorable, you simply can move it to an area where it is more ideal temperature and weather wise. One example is when you need to move the shelter from one place to another in order to avoid mud or water buildup in the area where it is originally situated during the rainy or snowy season. With a mobile field shelter, you definitely are going to reap the benefits of convenience and mobility without having to spend thousands of dollars. You do have to make sure though that you tap the services of a reliable mobile field shelter builder and that you use high quality materials.