Visibility is a Must for SEO

After a person completes the first few SEO measures, he or she needs to focus on the website’s visibility in the search engines, which should increase over time. This depends on the number of search terms that a web page has in the search engine, and, of course, the position the site occupies with these keywords. Site owners can check visibility, for example, using Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), as well as tools from external providers such as Searchmetrics, SEOlytics, and Sistrix. Important is not only a current inventory, but also the consideration of the site’s development. In particular, negative developments must be critically questioned with regard to the previous optimization measures. Possible reasons for fluctuations in visibility are:

  • Own optimization measures
  • Optimization measures of competitors
  • New, changed or deleted contents
  • Double content
  • Gain or loss of external signals (links, likes, shares, etc.)
  • Technical measures (exclusion of individual pages or entire directories)
  • Technical problems (domain move, server failure, etc.)
  • Successful or failed relaunch
  • Abstracts of the search engine
  • Changes to the algorithm
  • Multiple positions

To provide users with search results that are as useful as possible, Google and Co. provides personalized search results. Using the information from “cookies”, the search engine tries to analyze the context in which the search query is located. The contextual search results are also local search results. Thus, if one is looking for a “college”, one receives results that offer colleges in close proximity and not from a completely different state. As already discussed, the ranking depends ultimately on a variety of different criteria:

  • Quality and preparation of the content
  • Information architecture
  • User-friendliness of the web page
  • Loading speed of the web page
  • Accessibility
  • Mobile suitability
  • Internal linking
  • Relevant backlinks
  • Regular updates and extensions of the content

A website’s ranking is only a reference for its successful search engine optimization. Awesome positioning is a fantastic prerequisite, but it not a guarantee. In order to check the success of website’s rankings, one has to check organic search results and place them properly in relation to its visibility and positioning. Anyone who determines the monetary value of their target will also receive information on the value of the conversions. For more information, see SEOClerks here.